David Thejl-Clayton
Want to know the best source of cyber threat intelligence?… Shhh, it’s your own data!
In recent years, the cyber security industry has become obsessed with packaging up cyber threat intelligence into many different services and platforms. But what if you were told that one of the best places to generate cyber threat intelligence is your own organisation. With NIS2 hot on the heels of the industry, bringing with it new regulatory requirements to reporting of security incidents, there is a huge opportunity to improve the way you handle and leverage your own cyber threat intelligence. David Thejl-Clayton has a breadth of experience utilising data science within cyber security, he has talked at the global SANS cyber threat intelligence summit and has worked as a consultant for many different critical infrastructure organisations to improve their ability to generate and leverage cyber threat intelligence. Now working at Elastic as a solution architect, David will show some concrete examples and that the barrier of entry into this area is lower than ever when bringing data science into the picture. Most organisations have begun to use data to streamline their own business flows, so why not bring the same approach to their cyber defence.
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 10, 2023, 9:45 AM - 10:15 AM
Theater 3

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