Every year V2Security welcomes press from both radio and television as well as digital and print media.

As a reporter you can gain exclusive access to selected sessions upon applying to our PR & Marketing Manager. Many sessions will be fully booked by visitors but we make sure that accredited reporters gain access.

We offer a dedicated press area and complimentary lunch and drinks for our visiting reporters.

You will be accredited by sending an email to info@v2security.dk

May 10th 2023 - 9 am - 5 pm

May 11th 2023 - 9 am -  4 pm

Halmtorvet 11, 1700 Copenhagen V

Lisbeth Dahl Kristensen
PR & Marketing Manager

Phone: +45 22 67 47 29
Mail: ldk@ing.dk


Nicolas Jøns Larsen
Brand Manager

Phone: +45 20 65 37 07
Mail: njl@version2.dk

Press photos can be obtained by contacting:

Lisbeth Dahl Kristensen
PR & Managing Director

Telefon: +45 22 67 47 29
Mail: ldk@ing.dk

These may only be used editorially in connection with the discussion of
V2 Security.

Credit: Version2