David Thejl-Clayton
Full Name
David Thejl-Clayton
Job title
Senior Solution Architect
Speaker Bio
I am obsessed with Cyber Security and it continuously drives me to learn more and more. I spent 6 years of my cyber security career in the financial industry in Denmark, developing from an in-depth technical background into a more holistic management focused role. I then shifted into a more architecture and consulting focused role, working across the majority of critical infrastructure areas in Denmark (Energy, Finance, Transport, Healthcare and Defence), where I built successful SOC/IR/Cyber Defence Center teams around the SIM3 framework. I love mentoring and teaching, I believe it is critically important to ensure that the next generation of Cyber Security specialists are equipped to deal with the challenges that Denmark faces due to the increasing threat of cyber attack. I have written a course based on incident response and threat hunting which is being taught at a number of education establishments in Denmark, including Aarhus Business Academy. I have built the concept “Saga Labs” which is widely used by other cyber security teams to train and further their skillsets, it is built around the principle of adversary emulation.