Steffen Friis
How not to become Headline News: The Cyber Security Edition

 Several high profile attacks have taken place on Danish institutions over the past few months.  From banking and retail through to ministries and the military, while many cyber security companies offer solutions to help Danish organisations build a more secure future the difference that VIPRE Security Group provides is the ability to dig into what happened, why it happened and how to put in plans to prevent it happening again. Our focus is not only Technology but also People and Processes, only with all elements of the framework covered can any organisation be truly protected.

Join Steffen Friis VIPRE’s Danish Cybersecurity expert who is on a Mission to Empower Businesses with Data Privacy and Cyber Security as he discusses the Cyber Security Threat Landscape and the lessons we can all learn from the recent news headlines to ensure your organisation is not the next one making the news.

Dato & Tid
onsdag, maj 10, 2023, 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Sal 3
VIPRE Security Group

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