Philip Falk
Discover the power of XDR to enhance your security posture
The concept of XDR plays a critical role in providing a modern cybersecurity approach to deliver comprehensive security and better protection for businesses. Join us in this presentation, where Philip Falk will provide you with XDR essential concepts and what is it used for, how it's going to be able to address the cyber security challenges that all companies and MSSP’s are facing today. Free up your overwhelmed security teams trying to triage and identify attacks with only narrow, disjointed attack viewpoints. We’ll cover the following: What is XDR, why is it important, and what is it used for Beating cybersecurity challenges with XDR How XDR helps to enhance your security posture
Dato & Tid
onsdag den 10. maj 2023, 10.30 - 11.00
Sal 2

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