Simon Jonker
Full Name
Simon Jonker
Job title
Director of the MDR-A Department
CSIS Security Group
Speaker Bio

In the dynamic world of cyber-resilience, I am the director of analytics in CSIS' Managed Detection and Response team. Our Mission: To stay one step ahead of the developing threats that are impacting at a global scale, to protect against threats targeting local businesses and to ensure a safe digital space for those we protect. With a background in forensics and a heavy focus on making security matter, I bridge the gap between experts and management. I achieve this by fostering constructive dialogues and enabling the experts in their field to communicate in a way that resonates with their target audience. Everyone is bound to be thinking about security in their professional life and I have made it my job to support them.
Cyber security is a field in which impact and actionability are key to resilience. I believe that adaptability and proactiveness are imperative in the digital battlefield. I believe in a professional life where individuals are able to continually develop, adapt, and face challenges head-on. Being a part of the Cyber Security community and profession enables me to accomplish this and I enjoy every part of it!