Time and time again, we witness spam, phishing, hacking, and more sophisticated forms of cybercrime ensnaring a Danish company or public service that is not properly equipped or simply caught off guard by the ingenuity of hackers.

V2 Security tackles the topics of cyber and information security that Danish businesses grapple with on a daily basis. It is Denmark's largest fair on IT security, compliance, and privacy, where you can meet professionals who work with these issues every single day.

Listen to presentations from the best in the field, both domestic and international. Meet professionals working at the highest level of cyber and information security and be a part of the country's largest IT industry expo.

Experience Øksnehallen with over 4000 IT professionals, 80 exhibitors, and over 30 keynotes and speakers. Come for the energy among the audience, the insightful questions, and the corresponding good answers. Come to exchange handshakes, pleasantries, inspiration, and gain new knowledge from the industry's leading experts and researchers.

As a participant, you will be updated on the latest insights from top experts, gain insight into current threat landscapes, and have an opportunity to share your user experiences with some of Denmark's most renowned security brands.


At the program site you can read more about the conference program and sign up for selected sessions.


On May 1st the first conference day closes with a networking event. You will have the possibility to network with both exhibitors and other visitors in an informal and casual setting.


Participation for V2 Security is free, although there are limited seating for keynotes and seminars.