Program - Compliance track

The Compliance track for 2023 will be published continuously from the beginning of 2023

Legislation, from the EU in particular, has high demands for developing new organizational workflows and self-policy measures, in order to ensure compliance with statutory provisions, while also avoiding fines and security breaches.


Among the 130 seminars at V2 Security 2022, you will be able to follow a specific Compliance track, which is organized in coordination with the Danish DPO Associaction.

The Compliance-specific track has its focus on keynotes regarding data compliance, concrete organizational tools, and best practice on how organizations respect current legal regulations and become compliant in the most effective way.


Upon registration for the expo, you are presented with the ability to compose a personalized seminar-program.

In order to follow the Compliance track, simply select the track-filtration tab in the program registration menu, and sign-up for any themed keynotes.