Martin Johansson
Full Name
Martin Johansson
Job title
IT Infrastruktur Arkitekt
Københavns Kommune
Speaker Bio

My expertise in project execution and innovation effectively turns ideas into successes. I specialize in enhancing operational efficiency, managing change, aligning projects with business goals, and skillfully converting complex user requirements into actionable strategies.
With experience across multiple projects, I bring a proactive, collaborative style essential for handling change and navigating product lifecycles.
In my roles, I’ve bridged the gap between technical and business aspects, streamlining processes for focused execution. Committed to excellence, I drive projects to completion, managing transitions effectively. As an enthusiastic person, I motivate teams, transforming processes with a focus on corporate milestones.
I serve as an essential facilitator, effectively communicating complex technical concepts to business stakeholders and, conversely, translating business requirements into technical specifications.
My approach breaks down silos between departments, promoting a collaborative culture that leverages technology as a key driver for business success